The Inebriator Bartending Robot

The Inebriator Bartender Robot

The Inebriator Bartender RobotOne of the most ingenious devices to ever surface, the Inebriator is essentially a robot controlled bartender.

You read that correctly. This means you know longer have to go out to get yourself a good cocktail. Hell, you hardly have to get up. Just fill up a glass with ice, place it on the Inebriator, select the drink you would like via the LCD screen, and watch the robot magic begin. The device runs on an Arduino based processor, and can currently concoct 15 different creations, which of course includes the signature Inebriator cocktail. As of right now, this version is just a prototype being developed in the UK, but the creators have every intention to manufacturer a second version to sell on the retail market. See this thing in action below.