This Elite Whiskey Book Comes In A Wrought-Iron & Barrel Wood Box

Founded in 1994, Assouline is a high-end American publishing company, headquartered out of a Park Avenue office in New York. Among the elite outfit’s more than 1,500 book catalog, Assouline has produced numerous “The Impossible Collection” titles, elite coffee table books focusing on topics such as cars, wine, motorcycles, football, art, cigars, and golf, just to name a few.

Covering 100 elite whiskies, this literary piece was penned by New York Times deputy editor, and author of numerous other noteworthy whiskey books, Clay Risen. Measuring 17.9” W x 20” L, the book is comprised of 212 pages and features more than 150 illustrations and images printed on top-shelf stock. Rather than focusing on a single variety of whisky or a specific region, The Impossible Collection Of Whiskey delves into a wide variety of the drink from a host of different eras and locales. The book itself comes in a wrought-iron trimmed wood box modeled after an authentic whiskey barrel, and like the rest of the books in the Impossible Collection, this entry is sold with a pair of white gloves and an Assouline tote bag. Scheduled for a release on October 19, The Impossible Collection is available for preorder now, with pricing set at $995.

Purchase: $995