Revitalizing A Century-Old Ibizan Structure For Modern Living

May 3, 2019

Category: Living

Many living spaces share a close kinship to their original form, especially those that have reevaluated, repurposed, and resuscitated an age-old dwelling for a different motive. The Ibiza Campo Loft, which has evolved numerous times over its centurial tenure, is one such site.

Built amidst the island’s northernmost mountain range, the remote Ibiza-based Campo Loft serves as a home for the architect-owner Jurjen van Hulzen. However, it wasn’t always a contemporary dream space. The Campo Loft was conceived as a warehouse over 100 years prior to its restoration by Hulzen and his firm, The Nieuw — and over the course of its life, this rustic, wood-clad space has transitioned from one purposeful establishment to the next, garnering its most recent usage as a design guesthouse and showcase project for Hulzen and his firm(s). On the dwelling’s interior, an Ibizan ‘Sabina beam’ roof, concrete reinforcements, and steel cross members successfully bridge the gap between modern and contemporary design, bringing to light a marvelous marble island, character-imbued framing, and high-end appliances. Open-ended living areas branch throughout the space, giving way to two primary bedrooms in the home’s northernmost wing. To the south, expansive views of the countryside are provided, courtesy of a large, private terrace.

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