The Hyper-Sub Multipurpose Sub-Sea Vehicle

Nowadays, there are a lot of very absurd ways to spend one’s money. One of our favorites, however, is on modes of travel — especially bizarre and/or inventive ones. And we have to say, if we had Bond-villain levels of money, we can’t say we wouldn’t immediately spend it on something like The HyperSub MSV.

The first of its kind, the HyperSub is a hybrid speedboat and submarine — something the brand behind it, HSP Technologies, calls a “Multipurpose Sub-Sea Vehicle.” That means it can coast over the water and even dock like a regular boat, but it also has the ability to submerge up to 500 feet underwater. It’s powered by twin 480-horsepower diesel engines, giving it the ability to travel up to 35mph over the water, and — for underwater travel — has dual 60-horsepower Innerspace thrusters (giving it a total of 1,080 horsepower). It also boasts a 500-mile range, features a wealth of modular equipment for the utmost in customization, and offers up to 96 hours of underwater life support. Truly, there’s no better way to travel to and from your secret ocean-bottom lair.

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