The Handler Tool System

There’s nothing like a cleverly designed home and garden tool system to brighten up a summer’s day, especially when it’s you getting all the work done in the backyard. Featuring a series of interchangeable home and garden tool heads that fit onto a specified tool handle, The Handler Home and Garden Tool System is ready for anything.

Each Handler system comes with four interchangeable heads including a dirt shovel, 14-tine metal yard rake, 22-tine leaf rake, and a 24-inch push broom. The handle itself is 48-inches of incredibly strong fiberglass, made from aerospace materials able to withstand years of outdoor use and abuse. It also includes a D-grip, ergonomic in nature for improved comfort and performance. The locking technology at the end of the handle ensures each tool head remains sturdily attached, remaining locked even with a pull force upwards of 1,200 lbs. It’s prepared to prevent continued garage clutter and the need to replace your lawn tools year after year and comes with a wall mount to keep everything organized and out of harm’s way. [Purchase]

The Handler System 5-Piece Tool Kit 1

The Handler System 5-Piece Tool Kit 2

The Handler System 5-Piece Tool Kit 3