The Gunbox SK-1 Tactical Safe

The original Gunbox revolutionized firearm storage by allowing handguns to be kept both secure and quickly-accessible. But it left out those of us who own home defense shotguns and/or rifles. Luckily, the brand has bridged that gap with their new SK1-Tactical safe.

Using the same technology found in its smaller brother – including biometric, RFID, and Bluetooth entry – this is the ultimate gun safe for anyone who wants both reliable storage and easy access to their firearms, but doesn’t want a hulking eyesore sitting in their house. And, on top of its stylish looks, the SK-1 also features redundant interlocking servo latches, a pressure-formed zero-weld alloy body, die-cast interlocking hinges, and – believe it or not – onboard wireless Bluetooth speakers through which you can stream music from your phone. It also fits inside it guns up to 39 inches in length, as well as secondary firearms, ammunition, and more. The SK-1 Tactical retails for $699.

Purchase: $699