The Griff 300 Drone

The sky is the limit in the world of drone technology. Or so it appears thanks to the newly-spotlighted upcoming release from Griff Aviation. It’s their answer to the untapped market of drone-based package delivery, offering solutions for packages up to a whopping 1,760 pounds.

It’s called the Griff 300, one of a series of three offerings from the Norwegian company that’s purposed to regionally transport packages that weigh up to 496 pounds. And while the 1,760-pound limit is reserved for its much larger family member, the Griff 800, the recently released 300 is nothing to scoff at. At full capacity, this thing can remain airborne up to 45 minutes and has already been recognized and certified by both the European Aviation Safety Agency & the American Federal Aviation Administration. It boasts eight propellers and appears to mean business thanks to its industrial aesthetic. So next time you order something online and are expecting a package, keep an eye to the sky for an estimated delivery time. Pricing yet to be determined.

The Griff 300 Drone 2

The Griff 300 Drone 1