The Russo Brothers Show Off Their Action Movie Prowess with ‘The Gray Man’ Trailer

Photo: Netflix

The Russo Brothers are well-known for having a hand in what seems like every major blockbuster of the past decade — that’s just how big the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become. However, that’s not to say these talented siblings are one-dimensional, with their high-octane trailer for The Gray Man, an upcoming Netflix original spy thriller, proving they can go well beyond a story of superpowered heroes and villains.

The book is based on Mark Greaney’s 2009 novel, with Ryan Gosling enacting the role of CIA assassin Court Gentry and MCU-regular Chris Evans appearing in the film as well, serving as the former’s sworn nemesis who leads a manhunt to take him out after Gentry uncovers some diabolical agency secrets. The film also stars Knives Out standout (and No Time to Die scene-stealer) Ana de Armas as Agent Dani Miranda, a character who didn’t appear in the book but is sure to have quite an impact on how the film plays out based on the trailer alone.

As far as dialogue is concerned, fans of the MCU’s witty punchlines and rapid-fire pacing are sure to appreciate what’s to come from this high-octane adaptation. With what seems like a massive price tag on Gentry’s head throughout the trailer, the onslaught of intense action sequences looks like everything you’d expect (and want) from your average blockbuster.

While the Russos’ run on the Avengers series may have come to an end a few years ago with Endgame, Anthony and Joseph Russo are still managing to pull off some noteworthy flicks for the summer. Watch The Gray Man when it makes its way to Netflix on July 15.