The Gotham Golfcart

We’ve seen so many impressive Tumbler replicas over the past few years, that it’s hard to believe we’ve found something new to talk about. But, check out the Gotham Golfcart, which is a golf cart inspired by the vehicle driven by Batman in the Dark Knight movie series.

The cart sits on six golf course-friendly tires, with the smaller tires in the front. It pushes out 6 HP, allowing it to hit up to 38 mph when necessary. The Tumbler cart also has 4-link rear suspension and rear disc brakes. Of course, it’s also a functional golf cart, as it has two holders for clubs in the rear. Its all black paint job will make you feel like you are the caped crusader, himself. It has adjustable leather seats, cup holders, an iPad stand, and lights. It’s available now for $28,500. The greens need you. [Purchase]

The Gotham Golfcart 2