The FJ Company Sport

We need not remind you of the superb job The FJ Company does with their restorations of iconic Toyota Land Cruisers – specializing in vintage ’70s and ’80s FJ40 and FJ43 chassis among others and working to outfit these rides in a modern manner without compromising the integrity of the original vehicle.

Now, they’re set to release a series of re-engineered models to further meet the raised demands of modern driving. It’s their all-new Sport model, complete with a modern in-line six electronic fuel injected motor pushing out upwards of 210 horses under the hood. And not to worry, it’s still held within authentic FJ40 and FJ43 steel bodies with original chassis for good measure. Additionally, they’re outfitted with a modern performance steering system & suspension, feature both air conditioning and heating and several luxury options such as a rear back-up camera, heated seats, Bluetooth connectivity and a premium sound system. Not bad right? Be sure to drop them a line if interested in building your own.

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