This Service Offers A Gourmet Steakhouse Experience Delivered To Your Home

While most takeout and delivery services have seen a spike in popularity and business since the outbreak of the ongoing global pandemic, many of the more high-end and elite dining establishments have struggled to adapt, as the fine-dining experience doesn’t typically lend itself very well to delivery. Well aware of the myriad of challenges these operations are facing, world-renowned chef, Robert Sulatycky of Bocuse and entrepreneur, Paul Abramowitz have set out to engineer the ultimate at-home gourmet steakhouse experience with The Finishing Gourmet’s new “Restaurant At Home” service.

Starting with some of the best steaks, meats, and ingredients that money can buy, TFG’s meals are expertly prepared by five-star chefs and only require five minutes of the orderer’s time to plate. Aiming to replicate a prestigious steakhouse experience similar to that of a Peter Luger or Lawry’s-type restaurant, this exclusive new service offers top-notch main courses along with starters and other accouterments such as steak knives. Small touches like fresh-baked gourmet baguettes and tongs are also included, and the company’s creme brûlée is even sold with a chef’s torch. The Restaurant At Home service utilizes a patent-pending “hot-cold” delivery system to ensure everything arrives at the desired temperature. Available for order now (in select regions), The Finishing Gourmet ‘Restaurant At Home’ Service’s entries start at $39 (before delivery fees).

Purchase: $39+