The Exo Shelter

Dec 1, 2015

Category: Living

We are expecting that finding shelter when the apocalypse comes is going to be extremely difficult, but unfortunately, it’s one of humanity’s most basic needs. So when that day comes, we’re going to be looking for the Exo Shelter, a new housing pod that will hold up to four people comfortably, and they are stackable, allowing for a dense population in a small space.

This makes them perfect to be set up following a natural or nuclear disaster that might take out entire towns. Think about it. If a town’s housing is wiped out, the governing bodies can find a nearby field, and create rows of stacks of these shelters for a quick housing solution. In fact, these can all be set up by hand, as both Exo parts are extremely lightweight. Each unit also has built in beds that can be folded down when necessary. There are also four wall outlets, warm LED lighting and climate control options to keep living comfortable. [Purchase]

The Exo Shelter 2

The Exo Shelter 3

The Exo Shelter 4

The Exo Shelter 5

The Exo Shelter 6

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