The Everlast Notebook

Imagine only needing one notebook for the myriad of college courses or everyday note taking or idea management that take up the majority of your waking hours. Sounds crazy right? Well not with this smart paper-and-pen notebook from Rocketbook. It’s called the Everlast Notebook and if they have it their way, it’ll be the last notebook you ever purchase.

The Everest Notebook still provides users with the classic pen and paper experience, with one caveat. After you jot down the day’s notes with any one of their Frixion pens simply open the Rocketbook app on your smartphone, shoot a photo of your notes and the app automatically sends a digital version of the piece to online destinations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote, perfectly organized by date, time and topic. And once everything is all uploaded, said, and done, simply wipe the slate clean so-to-speak with a damp paper towel and prepare for the next day’s events. It’s available now for reservation on Kickstarter and is slated to retail for $34. [Purchase]