The End Is Near: 20 Gruesome The Walking Dead Gifts For Fans

Dec 4, 2019

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Since debuting back in October 2010, The Walking Dead has been one of our favorite shows on television. The perfect blend of suspense and drama, the AMC series is based on the comic book created by the talented trio of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Many have credited the mass resurgence in zombie popularity to the Frank Darabont directed show, and to an extent – we have to agree. Sure zombies were popular before Rick Grimes and the gang hit primetime, but since the Ricktatorship took over, fans can’t seem to get enough of anything undead related. While we’ve detailed zombie apocalypse gear guides, and even the best vehicles to survive the zombie apocalypse, we have yet to create a gift guide for The Walking Dead fans. While we impatiently await the return of the show (2nd half of season 4), we figured there was no better time than now. Whether you’re a fan of Daryl Dixon (and who isn’t?), Rick Grimes, Herschel Greene, or any of the other characters that make up this amazing post-apocalyptic cast, you’re sure to find something you love here. Zombie lovers rejoice, these are the 20 of the coolest The Walking Dead gifts on the market.

The Walking Dead Monopoly

1. The Walking Dead Monopoly

We knew for quite some time that this was on the way, and when it hit the retail scene right before the holiday season, online retailers had a tough time keeping it in stock. The same game we all know and love has been infused with 100 percent more zombies. The six playing tokens have been transformed into Rick’s hat, Michonne’s katana, Lucille (bat), a buck of body parts, and a telephone -remember Rick’s total meltdown in season 3? [Purchase]

Walking Dead Zombie Bottle Opener

2. Walking Dead Zombie Bottle Opener

Now you can use a ripped open zombie eye socket to pop open a cold one. This officially licensed bottle opener measures in at 3.5 inches (making it very portable), and is crafted from solid metal. [Purchase]

Snacking Dead Walking Dead Cookbook

3. The Snacking Dead: A Parody in a Cookbook

From the same people who brought you ‘Fifty Shades of Chicken,’ this D.B. Walker cookbook details 50 recipes, all of which require ingredients that are “on hand.” But, recipes isn’t all this book has to offer. The Snacking Dead also offers a helpful “getting it together” section to help you prepare for the worst case scenario. [Purchase]

Michonnes Katana

4. Michonne’s Katana

Michonne is one of the most badass characters on the show, and her trusty katana is a serious contender for weapon of choice during the zombie apocalypse. It’s not only reliable when it comes to decapitating zombies, it’s also very quiet. Now you can own a prop replica of the hand-forged, full-tang sword, complete with display stand. It’s worth noting that it does come unsharpened, so if you plan on gearing up for the zombie apocalypse, you might want to sharpen this bad boy first. Although we wouldn’t recommend using a prop for battle. [Purchase]

If Daryl Dies We Riot T-Shirt

5. If Daryl Dies We Riot T-Shirt

Daryl was our favorite character on the show from the beginning, and we continue to support him to this day. We can’t get enough of his badass antics. He is the perfect soldier – loyal, resourceful, brave, the list really goes on and on. Needless to say, we wouldn’t be very happy if they decided to kill him off. In fact, this shirt sums up exactly how we’d feel if the unthinkable occurred. [Purchase]

The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 Blu-Ray DVD Set

6. The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 Blu-Ray DVD Set

There’s nothing Walking Dead fans want more than the opportunity to relive all those hectic moments over and over again. There’s no official “set” for the first 3 seasons (at least at the time of writing this), so purchasing them individually is the route to take for the time being. [Purchase: Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 ]

The Walking Dead Minimalist Character Prints 1

7. The Walking Dead Minimalist Character Prints

Toronto based Ryan McArthur creates some of the best minimalist art pieces on Etsy, and his Walking Dead contributions are among our favorite. In addition to characters, he also has a really awesome set with the main locations for each of the first 3 seasons. [Purchase]

The Walking Dead Survivor Robe 1

8. The Walking Dead Survivor Robe

Now you can head straight from the shower to your sofa (or bed) for an all day, all night marathon of our favorite zombie show sporting this ultra comfortable robe. Made from 100% cotton fleece, this robe features ripped sleeves and bottom hem, and is a “one size fits most” deal. [Purchase]

Sheriff Rick Grimes Badge Prop Replica

9. Sheriff Rick Grimes Badge Prop Replica

How can you not love Rick? Sure he might have lost his marbles a few times, but the guy has been through a lot. Now you can show your love for the Sheriff with this badge digitally sculpted from the real thing. [Purchase]

The Walking Dead Risk Game

10. The Walking Dead Risk Game

Everything you love from the classic game Risk, only this time around with zombies. We know that zombies make everything better, and Risk is no exception. Made for parties of 3-5 people, players will not only have to command their group of survivors, but will also have to combat the army of the living dead. [Purchase]

Daryl Dixon Action Figure

11. Daryl Dixon Action Figure

We’ve already mentioned that Darryl Dixon is our favorite character from the show, so while you can purchase any of the characters in action figure form, we’ll stick with Daryl sporting his badass poncho and crossbow. The figure stands in at 10 inches tall, and is based on a real 3D scan of actor Norman Reedus. [Purchase]

The Walking Dead Lifesize Standup Poster 2

12. The Walking Dead Lifesize Standup Poster

These lifesize cutouts are made right here in the U.S.A, are officially licensed, and look ultra realistic – perfect for the movie room. Choose from Rick Grimes, Michonne, Daryl Dixon, or an actual walker. [Purchase]

The Walking Dead Zombie Footed Pajamas

13. The Walking Dead Zombie Footed Pajamas

Made from 100% polyester fleece, these zombie pajamas come complete with plenty of blood, gashes, and of course torn clothes from the ensuing attack. There’s even a pull over face hood to disguise yourself as a real walker. [Purchase]

Little Ass Kicker Bodysuit

14. Little Ass Kicker Bodysuit

Let’s give Carl some credit. Coming up with a baby’s names is a difficult task, and while they ultimately went with Judith (understandably so), the Little Ass Kicker moniker lives on. Made for your little one, this bodysuit lets you show your love for the show in a way that only Walking Dead fans will understand. [Purchase]

The Walking Dead Zombie Guitar Picks

15. The Walking Dead Zombie Guitar Picks

Want to show your love for The Walking Dead while performing with the band? These guitar picks have been covered in artwork from the actual comic book series. There are 6 medium gauge picks in each pack. [Purchase]

Daryl Dixon Walker Ear Necklace Prop Replica

16. Daryl Dixon Walker Ear Necklace Prop Replica

Fans of Daryl Dixon need no reminder to the necklace our favorite zombie killer wears around his neck. This replica was digitally sculpted by the team at Gentle Giant using the actual prop as a reference, and comes packaged in a beautiful shadowbox for display. [Purchase]

The Walking Dead Ice Cube Tray

17. The Walking Dead Ice Cube Tray

There are tons of options out there when it comes to cool ice cube trays, but only one for zombie fans – and this is it. Made from food safe silicone rubber, this tray pumps out zombie body parts along with the official Walking Dead logo. [Purchase]

RIP Hersh T-Shirt

18. R.I.P. Hersh T-Shirt

Spoiler alert…Hershel Greene dies during the showdown with the Governor half way through season 3. He was one of the best characters on the show, and was like a grandfather to the entire group of survivors – not to mention the fact that his veterinarian skills were indispensable. Show your support to the fallen man we all loved with this t-shirt. [Purchase]

Walking Dead Zombie Army Men

19. The Walking Dead Zombie Army Men

These tiny toy zombies are the perfect opposition for your little one’s army men soldiers. There are both tan and green colors, and each set comes with 10 zombie army men. [Purchase]

The Walking Dead Official Magazine

20. The Walking Dead Official Magazine

For some, the 1-hour episodes and The Talking Dead just aren’t enough zombie action. We don’t blame you, the show is addicting, and we constantly find ourselves begging for more undead action. For those of you looking for the inside scoop, this magazine’s for you. With plenty of behind the scenes interviews with cast members, writers, producers, and more, this is the perfect way to get you The Walking Dead fix in between seasons and episodes. [Purchase]

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