The Dalmore Paterson Collection: $1.5 Million Whiskey

Nov 20, 2014

Category: Food, Vices

If you’re fond of the saying, “Bartender, bring me your finest whiskey!” be sure to steer clear of Harrods Wine Shop in London. Because if you utter that phrase there, they’ll bring you 12 bottles of the Dalmore Paterson Collection, the king of luxury spirits—price tag, $1.5 million.

Each bottle comes from the home of whiskey, Scotland (in this case, the Scottish Highlands), and they range in age from 1926-1990. Each is hand-selected by “the visionary Richard Paterson, Master Distiller of The Dalmore,” and the whole crazy collection comes in a custom made wooden cabinet, featuring 12 handmade crystal decanters that might very well tremble at the thought of holding such supreme spirits. The bottles are also accompanied by Paterson’s own handwritten ledger and the company’s deer emblem in sterling silver. Try not to spill any, would ya? [Purchase]

The Dalmore Paterson Collection- 1 5 Million Whiskey 1

The Dalmore Paterson Collection- 1 5 Million Whiskey 2

The Dalmore Paterson Collection- 1 5 Million Whiskey 3

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