The Dalmore 50 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Few things in the world universally say “celebration” like a quality single malt, even for those who’ve dedicated their lives day in and day out to blending and aging this unique spirit in different ways for our enjoyment. You’d think after, say 50 years, you’d have had enough of the stuff right? Wrong. At least that’s how Master Distiller Richard Paterson feels in releasing this Dalmore 50-year vintage single malt.

Over the course of its lifetime, this special blend has matured across Western Europe beginning its journey in American white oak exBourbon casks in 1966, moving onto Matulalem oloroso sherry casks in 2003, transferred to Port Colheita pipes in 2012 and back to bourbon barrels in the beginning of 2016. Finally, to toast the celebration, the whisky made its final appearance for 50 days in Domaine Henri Giraud Champagne casks before getting bottled in 50 separate Baccarat crystal decanters enhanced with a solid silver stag. That’s right, only 50 are available. They aren’t cheap either. Prices start at $60,800 a bottle. [Purchase]