The Connoisseur’s Vault

The Connoisseurs Vault 1
When one has amassed a collection of fine treasures, the garage is hardly the place to store them. Check out the Connoisseur’s Vault from Hammacher Schlemmer, a home vault with secure storage for the stuff you love perhaps a little too much. This $155,000 three-door beast is made in Germany by Döttling, a company known for making luxury safes since 1919.

The main safe can only be accessed by a keypad combination, while the eight integrated watch winders will keep all of your ritzy timepieces in tune. The suede-lined jewelry drawer has separate storage space for rings, necklaces, and bracelets. But the icing on the cake comes in the form of a humidor drawer lined with Spanish cedar. It also features an electronic humidification system with a hygrometer and barometer. The whole thing is fortified with 2 3/4″-thick steel walls and 1″-diameter hardened steel locking bolts. It’s waterproof and fireproof up to 1,994° F for one hour, and tufted Italian calfskin covers the vault’s exterior. 

The Connoisseurs Vault 2

The Connoisseurs Vault 3