The Complete Book Of Knots

Oct 17, 2016

Category: Entertainment

Although it is a skill that is often overlooked, the ability to tie an appropriate knot can be the difference between safety and disaster. For example, if you spend any amount of time on a boat, you’ll need to secure it to a dock at some point. The proper knot will keep your boat where you leave it, whereas an improper one will give you freedom from boat ownership – as your vessel will float away. They are also helpful in camping situations, especially with inclement weather or if securing an above-ground tent or hammock. Basically, if you are a man who appreciates any sort of outdoor leisure-adventure, you’d better know your way around a piece of rope. And Geoffrey Budworth’s The Complete Book of Knots can help you achieve that familiarity.

Featuring over 100 useful knots – such as those for boating and sailing, spelunking and climbing, angling and fishing, and around the house – and easy-to-follow instructions with color illustrations, this book will provide you with the necessary skills to tackle any tying endeavor. You’ll also find a brief history, alternative names, and practical uses for all the included knots. There’s even a comprehensive glossary at the back of the book to help you choose the right rope and knot for any task. This handy guide retails for just $17. [Purchase]

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