The Blockhead by Ten One Designs

Apple is pretty great at design – but they’re not perfect (blasphemous, I know). One pain point that users constantly talk about is the awkward design of their chargers – pretty often they just don’t plug into the wall very well. The folks at Ten1design have come up with a straight-forward and affordable fix for that – it’s called the Blockhead.

Designed with an innovative side-facing plug, the charger gives you the ability to plug your Apple chord into the wall while keeping it flush. This allows the charger to fit behind furniture without getting knocked out of the outlet. Like most well designed products – it is simple and intuitive. Simply slide it into the charger, and plug it in to the wall. Boom. Problem solved. The Blockhead fits every Macbook and iPad charger, and retails for just $20. [Purchase]

The Blockhead By Ten1Designs 1

The Blockhead By Ten1Designs 2

The Blockhead By Ten1Designs 3