The Blaze Fire Tower

Nov 21, 2016

Category: Living

One of our favorite parts of late fall is the knowledge that, so long as it isn’t snowing, we can still hang out in the backyard. Between barbecues and fresh air, there are few leisure activities we enjoy more. But, just because the ground isn’t covered in fresh powder, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily warm outside. And that’s where something like the Blaze Fire Tower comes in handy.

This intimidating monolith is made out of heavy duty 3/18″ steel right here in the USA. That paired with its unique design make it impervious to wind, hail, and yard debris. With the purchase of an accessory kit, it transforms into a fully-functional grill and/or smoker. So you can enjoy the warmth of the fire and grill up some steaks while you’re at it. As far as fuel goes, the Blaze Fire Tower is compatible with both wood and charcoal – it even has storage space beneath for extra. This all-American backyard burner retails for $499. [Purchase]

Blaze Tower 02

Blaze Tower 01

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