The Bivouac Shelter By Roberto Dini + Stefano Girodo

Dec 19, 2018

Category: Living

Perched on the jagged Morion Ridge in Italy is the brainchild of the Espri Sarvadzo di Valpelline alpine guides association. The Bivouac is dedicated to motorcycle racer and passionate mountain climber Luca Pasqualetti and provides a tranquil shelter for those who dare to scale the peak.

The Bivouac is made from prefabricated wood and steel that was transported to the peak via helicopter and placed carefully to ensure minimal disturbance to the terrain. Anchored to a craggy mountain more than 10,000 feet off the ground, the two-pitched hut has an aluminum wraparound covering and sharp edges to fit in with its surroundings. Taking a look inside the protective shelter, you’ll find both a living and sleeping area, as well as a panoramic window to welcome light and breathtaking views. The living space has a table with eight seats, as well as plenty of space for climbing gear. And, there are two wooden platforms with mattresses in the sleeping area so you can get some shuteye before continuing your ascent into the clouds. The Bivouac also features a solar panel for illumination in case you want to dive into a nice book during your stay. It takes about six hours to get to the Bivouac from the refuge Crete Sèche so come prepared for adventure.

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