The Beer Tusk Shotgun Tool

The Beer Tusk Shotgun Tool 1
If, like me, you spent your Friday nights in college nursing a Zima — on the rocks, please — with your back up against the wall — of your dorm room — then the concept of ‘shotgunning’ a beer might be new to you. It’s basically cutting or punching a hole in the side of the can, then chugging the hell out of it. You won’t see this performed on The View. Yes, even with the addition of Jenny McCarthy.

The Beer Tusk ($10) promises to simplify the whole hole-creation portion of the proceedings and keep your darling digits away from any nasty knives or car keys while creating the perfect hole for ‘shotgunning.’ No spilling, no spraying. Developed by Raging Mammoth, the Beer Tusk is manufactured in Phoenix and made from aluminum. It also works quite well as a bottle opener. Ya know, just in case anyone happens to unearth a bottle of Zima. [Kickstarter]

The Beer Tusk Shotgun Tool 2

The Beer Tusk Shotgun Tool 3