Beautifully Restored Session Footage Comes to Light in ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Trailer

Photo: The Beatles

Backed by an illustrious discography, overlying lore, and their own “mania,” The Beatles‘ grasp on the pop-culture landscape borders unrivaled territory. Stories of the band’s mischievous outbursts and most tumultuous moments have each been documented and dissected for roughly half a century, but there’s still more story to be told. Now, after nearly three years of teasing its curation, The Beatles: Get Back‘s first trailer is a showcase of restored footage from the band’s tense 1969 Let It Be sessions.

Fading in with John, Paul, George, and Ringo in the distance, sitting down in the foreground of a rainbow-lit room, clips quickly begin to surface of their recording outtakes, idea-bouncing songwriting process, and what looks to be interpretive dancing. The trailer is soundtracked by the album that accompanies this footage, with songs from Let It Be weaving in and out of countless outtakes and snippets of The Beatles simply being The Beatles. George Harrison’s brief departure from the group is also put on display, as well as Paul jokingly making reference to the yellow press media, saying “It’s going to be such a comical thing in fifty years’ time… they broke up because Yoko sat on an amp.” Presumptively, it all comes to a close with glimpses of their epochal rooftop show.

Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson is to thank for this upcoming docu-series, having scoured through roughly 55 hours of video and an envy-inducing 140 hours of unstemmed audio that was vaulted for decades. In other words, fans of the band will have very much to look forward to. The Beatles: Get Back will be available to stream on Disney+ starting November 25th.