The Beast Hoverbike

Photos: Rico Kersten/Digital Passion

At first glance, you might think that this is some kind of space-age racing bike designed to hit the track at blistering speeds. Which would make sense, as it does kind of look like a track bike set up on a display platform. The thing is, this concept vehicle – even if it were built – would never touch the track. And that’s because The Beast is meant to fly.

Designed by Rico Kersten as an entry into a design contest entitled “A Road Trip in 2116,” this futuristic flying machine sports a radial fan propulsion system – similar to the fans used as cooling devices on computer graphics cards. This large radial fan – in the place of a front wheel – would be powerful enough to generate lift and get this baby in the sky. In conjunction with the fan, the body is equipped with low-mounted wings that assist with steering and, upon the tail, two reverse thrusters offer braking power. Forget the jetpacks; we hope the future is full of airborne cycles like this.

The Beast Hoverbike Concept 1

The Beast Hoverbike Concept 2

The Beast Hoverbike Concept 3

The Beast Hoverbike Concept 4