The Barbecue Bible by Tramontina

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Food

There are countless books out there that will give you barbecue recipes, but there’s only one book that will actually walk you through the cooking procedure, step by step. That book is the Bible of Barbecue.

When thinking up creative ways to promote their Brazilian line of kitchen supplies, the team at Tramontina hit a home run with this bad boy. Working with the team at JWT Brazil, they created a book that will guide you through your entire barbecue process. Open the book to reveal a page made of charcoal (smash it into pieces), while the following pages feature both a fire starter and a fan. Each chapter covers a different stage of the grilling process, and consists of everything from an apron page and knife sharpener to the wooden constructed cover that serves as a chopping board . The book will only be available in Brazil when it’s released, and we imagine it will pretty difficult to get your hands on. Watch the video below.

The Barbecue Bible by Tramontina 2

The Barbecue Bible by Tramontina 3

The Barbecue Bible by Tramontina 4

The Barbecue Bible by Tramontina 5

The Barbecue Bible by Tramontina 6

The Barbecue Bible by Tramontina 7

The Barbecue Bible by Tramontina 8

The Barbecue Bible by Tramontina 9

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