The Aperture Wrench

Wrenches haven’t exactly seen a lot of innovation over the years. Sure, we’ve been able to throw a handful of wrenches into one with a monkey wrench, but other than that, we’re still stuck using the basic wrench we have been for the past fifty years. Now, a company has completely redesigned the adjustable wrench, taking inspiration from a camera’s aperture.

The Aperture Wrench concept is elegantly designed by Seattle-based Jordan Steranka, and features a head that manually expands and contracts in the center to allow it to fit a wide range of nut sizes. It’s controlled with a dial on its head, which has a concave shape to allow users to easily access the dial. What’s more, this wrench has a unique light ring around the aperture that activates with the push of a button to help illuminate dark spaces where the wrench is needed. So, take THAT, innovation!

The Aperture Wrench 2

The Aperture Wrench 3

The Aperture Wrench 4

The Aperture Wrench 5

The Aperture Wrench 6