The 90,000-lumen LED Flashlight

Ingenuity is always commendable, and it’s one of the reasons we always loved MacGyver. So, when a man claimed to have made the world’s brightest flashlight, a 90,000-lumen LED device, we paid attention.

YouTube user rctestflight connected 10 100-watt LED chips, each with their own large heat sink. It’s all held together by aluminum bars, and they’re all powered by batteries. Unfortunately, it only lasts 10 minutes before running out of juice, and it weighs 10 pounds, so it’s not like you’re going to want to throw it in a backpack and take it everywhere with you. But the device’s light is so powerful that it can light up clouds and illuminate a mountain in the distance. The video is filled with comparisons between the homemade LED flashlight and other common illumination devices, such as a handheld flashlight, a car’s headlights, and more.