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The 50 Greatest Star Wars Gifts in the Galaxy

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Dec 10, 2015

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It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is already here. Thankfully you still have plenty of time to get all the shopping done, and for Star Wars fans, this will be your one stop shop. We at HiConsumption are a small group of guys that love Star Wars. Even though we were just younglings when the franchise debuted (some of us not even being born), we grew up on the films,collecting as many of the toys as our parent’s pay checks would allow. With Disney confirming that they will be continuing the saga with Star Wars Episode VII, you can expect the Star Wars gift ideas to keep rolling in strong over the years. With so many products inspired by the galaxy far, far away, it’s already difficult to find the best stuff out there. After personally writing about hundreds of products from the science fiction universe we all know and love, we decided it was time to put together the ultimate Star Wars gift guide.

We tried to encompass a little bit of everything on this list of the 50 Greatest Star Wars Gifts in the Galaxy, and have included purchase links for nearly everything on the list. Of course with something like Star Wars, it’s going to be impossible to get all of the best Star Wars gifts on any one list. While there are certainly some gems out there that we haven’t included, we can assure you that you will have no problem finding Star Wars gifts your friends and family will love in our comprehensive guide below.

Ecko Reversible Chewbacca Jacket

1. Ecko Reversible Chewbacca Jacket

The team at Ecko partnered up with Lucasfilm to create an entire range of Star Wars fashion items and accessories. While every piece in the collection was solid, this reversible Chewie jacket was pure gold. On one side, you have a jacket that looks like Chewie’s furry skin, and on the other, you have a more subtle brown sweater that has been lined with a Chewbecca fur collar. This jacket is a bit difficult to get your hands on these days due to the popularity. [Purchase]

Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

2. Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

The lightsaber is the weapon of choice for both Jedi and Sith, and is probably the most recognizable and popular weapon from the Star Wars universe. Now you can create your very own ice pops shaped just like a ligthsaber. The ice pops includes 2 Luke and 2 Darth Vader hilts, and even include light LED lights. [Purchase]

Apple iPhone Cases

3. Apple iPhone Cases

The team at Power A have created an entire range of Star Wars protective cases designed specifically for the iPhone 5. You have a handful of different characters represented in the collection including Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, and Chewbacca. [Purchase]

Skinny Ties

4. Skinny Ties

Showing your love for Star Wars at work is a fine line to walk. We love Star Wars just as much as the next overly obsessed fan, but the workplace has a standard of professionalism they are trying to keep up. That’s where these stylish skinny ties come into pay. Professional, without being too geeky. There’s an assortment of colors and styles to choose from. [Purchase]

Remote Controlled Millennium Falcon

5. Remote Controlled Millennium Falcon

Han Solo’s precious Millennium Falcon can finally be yours to control. Outfitted with two counter rotating rotors, this remote controlled space craft lets you fly it up to 30 feet away. [Purchase]

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Ring

6. Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Ring

Pittsburgh based jewelry designer Paul Michael recently started crafting rings inspired by Star Wars, and while he does have a few different styles under his belt (including a Boba Fett ring), this one is jaw dropping. The ring is available in different materials including silver and gold, with a potential titanium option on the way. Of course all of the materials feature the classic Han Solo carbonite scene across the top. [Purchase]

Adult Onesies

7. Adult Onesies

Yeah the same onesies you used to rock when you were just a youngling are now being made for grown men, and you know what? That’s totally cool with us. We wouldn’t recommend wearing these the first time your new girlfriend sleeps over, but with front pockets for storage and a hoody – they’re definitely a practical choice when it comes to warm pajamas. [Sold Out]

Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit

8. Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit

The folks at UD Replicas are known for creating top notch replica gear, and these Stormtrooper suits are no exception. You have a choice of either all black or white, both of which have been made using CE-approved body armor, meaning your body should be protected in the event of an accident. [Purchase]

Pancake Molds

9. Pancake Molds

Who doesn’t love pancakes? One of the best ways to start your day out, Star Wars pancakes just make sense. There are three different characters available including Yoda, Darth Vader, and a stormtrooper, all of which are made using nonstick steel pancake molds. [Purchase]

Pewter Barware Set

10. Pewter Barware Set

If your wife only lets you keep your “geek” stuff in the man cave, this is the perfect gift. The barware set includes a Yoda wine stopper, Darth Vader corkscrew, R2-D2 bottle opener, and a C-3PO foil cutter. Everything you need for the home bar setup, all made from high quality pewter. [Purchase]

Starter Black Label Hat Collection

11. Starter Black Label Hat Collection

Who says you have to like sports to wear hats? While we do love football just as much as the next red blooded American man, these Star Wars caps from the folks at Starter are perfect for casual weekends. There are 2 snapbacks and 2 five panel caps included in the collection, all of which are hard to come across. [Purchase]

LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village

12. LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village

LEGO has released a ton of officially licensed Star Wars sets, but this is the latest and greatest from the toy maker. In all honesty, this is one that’s been needing to be made for years now, and we’re a bit surprised it took this long. With 2,000 pieces and 16 minifgures included in the set (along with a Speeder Bike), you’ll be busy for hours. [Purchase]

Limited Edition 2014 Moleskin Planner

13. Limited Edition Moleskine Planner

We’ve seen Star Wars and Moleskine team up for years now, so it’s no surprise that they would join forces for the new year. There are 12 and 18 month options, both of which are the perfect way to organize for the new year. [Purchase]

Grillin Villain Aprons

14. Grillin’ Villain Aprons

These are the perfect gift for anyone who likes to fire up the grill on the weekends. Made from comfortable 100% cotton, you can choose from either Boba Fett or a Stormtrooper. That’s right, only villains with this grilling accessory. [SOLD OUT]

Zeon Star Wars Collectors Watches

15. Zeon Star Wars Collectors Watches

While the Seiko Star Wars watch collection was a strong lineup, it was nearly impossible for stateside residents to get their hands on. This collection from UK based designer Zeon however, is a bit more accessible. There are 5 equally beautiful watches in the series including Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper. You can’t go wrong with a Star Wars timepiece. [Purchase]

Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet

16. Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet

We don’t think the Imperial Navy used actual carbon fiber for the construction of their infantry’s helmets, but that doesn’t make this piece by Leonard Carson any less impressive. This durable helmet weighs only 1 pound, and unfortunately it recently sold. The price you ask? About $3,500. We imagine he might build another one if the price is right. [Purchase]

Adidas Wookie Jacket

17. Adidas Wookie Jacket

Years ago Adidas teamed up with Star Wars for an apparel and footwear line that included some absolute gems. One of which was this Chewbacca jacket featuring a quilted brown body paired with faux fur details throughout. This is another one of those hard to find items, but it’s highly desirable for wookie fans. [Purchase]

MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives

18. MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives

MIMOBOT creates designer flash drives for all sorts of brands from G.I. Joe to Sanrio. One of those collaborations included Lucasfilm. This Star Wars collection includes a handful of characters, and feature a storage capacity ranging from 2GB to 64GB. There’s something for everyone in this collection. [Purchase]

Death Star Ice Cube Maker

19. Death Star Ice Cube Maker

There is an ice cube tray for several of the characters and ships from the Star Wars universe, but none of them compare to the classiness of this Death Star ice cube mold. The food safe silicone mold will make highly detailed Death Stars measuring 2.4 inches in diameter. Perfect for Scotch on the Rocks. [Purchase]

Star Wars The Blueprints

20. Star Wars: The Blueprints

Every house needs some solid coffee table reading, and this among the best of them. With over 500 photographs and illustrations, this J.W. Rinzler written book outlines in detail how much of the Star Wars universe was created. It’s limited to only 5,000 copies though. When it’s gone, it’s gone forever. [Purchase]

Lightsaber Chopsticks

21.  Lightsaber Chopsticks

Next time you decide to have sushi, don’t forget your Lightsaber chopsticks. Available in several different colors including Mace Windue’s purple, Darth Maul and Darth Vader’s red, and of course Master Yoda’s green. [Purchase]

Star Wars Trilogy Minimalist Posters

22. Star Wars Trilogy Minimalist Posters

Star Wars art is an essential design component to any household, and while there are ton of great options out there, Ryan McArthur is one of our personal favorites. His minimalist approach is subtle enough to go nicely with any home decor. This series revolves around the original first 3 films. [Purchase]

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

23. Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Every man needs a good bottle opener, and we can’t think of one better than this. Shaped like Han Solo’s famous spacecraft, this high quality bottle opener is made from a durable metal. [Purchase]

Star Wars Cufflinks

24. Star Wars Cufflinks

The perfect way to finish off any suit, this collection of officially licensed 3D cufflinks includes a ton of different options from Darth Vader and the Death Star all the way to Chewbacca and a set of USB R2-D2 cufflinks. [Purchase]

Imperial Forces Wallpaper

25. Imperial Forces Wallpaper

Wallpaper is definitely making a comeback, and this is some of the coolest we’ve ever come across. This Star Wars wallpaper is for fans of the Dark Side, stamped with portraits of Darth Vader, Imperial Guards, Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers, and even Boba Fett. The wallpaper was designed Brian Flynn. [Purchase]

The Star Wars Cookbook

26. The Star Wars Cookbook

This isn’t just some random cookbook inspired by the world of Star Wars, this is the official Star Wars Cookbook. There are over 25 recipes in this book ranging from Wookie Cookies to Dark Side Salsa. The perfect gift for any fan that loves to create in the kitchen. [Purchase]

Han Solo in Carbonite Light Switch

27. Han Solo in Carbonite Light Switch

There’s certainly no shortage of Han Solo Carbonite pieces on the list, but this is one of the most creative. Handmade by Wicked Studio, the base is shaped like Han frozen in carbonite, and to control the light, you simply have to flip Han’s “switch.” [Purchase]

Chewbacca Messenger Bag

28. Chewbacca Messenger Bag

Looking for a new messenger bag for the office? Try this wookie inspired offering. The strap replicates Chewie’s bandolier, while a Star Wars embossed logo on the brown faux leather finishes off the design. [Purchase]

Darth Vader Cake Pan

29. Darth Vader Cake Pan

Made from aluminum, this cake pan holds two-layer cake mix that will pump out perfectly detailed Darth Vader helmet cakes every time. It also comes with complete decorating instructions so you can  really make this thing look awesome. [Purchase]

Star Wars Frames

30. Star Wars: Frames

George Lucas went through more than 1 million frames from both the original Star Wars trilogy and the prequel trilogy to hand pick 1,416 of the best images from the six films. Highlighting the most iconic moments from the saga, Frames has been reproduced across two hardcover books. Even the packaging is on point. The outside looks just like Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter, and once you slide the top off, the Sith Lord is revealed. [Purchase]

Star Wars Home Theater

31. Star Wars Home Theater

Okay so this one might be targeted towards the more wealthy fans out there, but it was well worth the feature. This particular home theater reminds us of the Star Tours ride at Disneyland, and was designed by the team at Modern Home Systems in Hawaii. The sky is the limit when it comes to customization options with a home theater. [Purchase]

Yoda Doormat

32. Yoda Doormat

Let your guests know before they knock that you are part of the Rebel Alliance. Constructed from 100% coconut fiber, this durable Yoda doormat will be able to take a beating from your house guests. [Purchase]

R2-D2 Flask

33. R2-D2 Flask

Made from stainless steel, this 6 ounce flask was designed to look just like R2-D2. At just about 4 inches tall, it’s the perfect size to slip into your back pocket. [Purchase]

Spaceship Blinds

34. Spaceship Blinds

Typically we don’t think twice when it comes to selecting blinds, but these Spaceship Blinds had us double taking. A perfect solution for your game room, there are two different Star Wars options including the Millennium Falcon along with the Slave I spacecraft. You can choose from either black or grey. [Purchase]

Star Wars Origami

35. Star Wars Origami

Both kids and adults love origami, which is why origami artist Chris Alexander wrote this book. Providing step-by-step instructions for 36 amazing paper folding projects, this book will be intergalactic fun for the entire family. [Purchase]

Minimalist Ship Posters

36. Minimalist Ship Posters

Created by artist Thong Le, this minimalist collection revolves around one of our favorite aspects to the world of Star Wars – the space ships. You’ve got posters for the TIE Fighter, Jedi Starfighter, Sith Infiltrator, Slave I, and the X-Wing. Yes, there are some tiny mistakes in the series, but it doesn’t change the fact this is a solid collection. [SOLD OUT]

Death Star Tea Infuser

37.  Death Star Tea Infuser

The Death Star may have been destroyed by Luke Skywalker in the films, but that doesn’t mean the planet destroyer can’t live on in your daily lives. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm, this stainless steel tea infuser is shaped like the iconic Death Star, and even features a tiny TIE Fighter attached on the chain. It’s also dishwasher safe. [Purchase]

Star Wars The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray DVD

38. Star Wars The Complete Saga  Blu-Ray DVD

We totally understand that George Lucas’ changes to the Blu-ray collection caused many fans to become unhappy, but we do not think the changes outweigh how amazing these films look in high definition with DTS-HD Master Audio. The set includes all 6 films from the saga along with 40 hours of bonus footage. Of course the non Blu-ray edition is always an option as well. [Purchase]

Star Wars The Ultimate Action Figure Collection

39. Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection

We don’t collect quite like we used to in our younger days, but we still love and appreciate all of the Star Wars action figures being produced for the retail scene. Over the past 35 plus years, Star Wars has managed to license 2,500 registered action figures, and Steve Sansweet has managed to document all of them. It’s also worth noting that Sansweet owns the largest private collection of Star Wars action figures on the planet. This guy could teach you a thing or two. [Purchase]

Stormtrooper Lawn Chair

40. Stormtrooper Lawn Chair

Hand built by the team at Gotwood Workshops, this chair is the perfect finishing touch to any patio or porch. The Adirondack style lawn chair features a back shaped like a Stormtrooper helmet, and includes the Imperial Crest on both arms. The chair went viral on the web, and Gotwood ended up making other Star Wars lawn chairs including Darth Vader and Boba Fett. These aren’t mass produced, so you have to inquire with Gotwood to see how getting your hands on one would work. [Purchase]

Cookie Cutters

41.  Cookie Cutters

If you love baking up some cookies, you’ll love this set of cookie cutters? The team at Williams-Sonoma continue to expand on their exclusive Star Wars range with these spring loaded cookie cutters shaped like Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper. [Purchase]

Burton R2-D2 Helmet

42. Burton R2-D2 Snowboard Helmet

Quite possibly the coolest snowboarding helmet of all time, this helmet was designed during one of the annual Burton and Star Wars collaborations in 2011. This helmet was difficult to get your hands on when it released through Burton’s online store (for $99.95), and it’s only become more rare over the years. It does pop up on eBay from time to time, but expensive to pay a premium. [Purchase]

Darth Vader Dark Side Coffee

43. Darth Vader Dark Side Coffee

Incorporate Star Wars into your daily routine with this 12 ounce package of gourmet whole bean coffee. The dark roasted blend features spicy undertones, and has been approved by Lord Vader himself. [Purchase]

Star Wars Chess Set

44. Star Wars Chess Set

Even if you don’t actually play chess, this set is a great coffee table piece. The set includes 32 shiny gold and silver pewter pieces. Created by the folks at Gentle Giant, the set includes key characters from the films, and features a game board outfitted with a glass etched top with Death Star imagery across the surface. [Purchase]

Star Wars Terrariums

45. Star Wars Terrariums

Minneapolis based artist Tony Larson (goes by Megatone230 on the interwebs), has handmade a collection of Star Wars terrariums that includes Yoda, R2-D2 and an Ewok. [Purchase]

Han Solo Carbonite Desk

46. Han Solo Carbonite Desk

This piece may be a bit over the top for some fans, but for others, it’s the holy grail. Tom Spina Designs are responsible for this beautiful fiberglass constructed table designed to look just like our favorite smuggler trapped in carbonite. [Purchase]

Star Wars Eyewear Collection

47. Star Wars Eyewear Collection

Japanese eyewear maker Aigan has teamed up with Lucasfilm for an officially licensed collection of Star Wars eyeglasses. There are five different designs in the collection including Darth Vader, R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper. All five pairs are stamped with the famous “May The Force Be With You” tagline. [Purchase]

Cupcake Stencils

48. Cupcake Stencils

All of the other home cooking goods involved the shape of the baked goods. This stencil kit lets you decorate your cupcakes like your favorite Star Wars characters. All you need is the powered sugar or cocoa powder, and the cupcakes of course. [SOLD OUT]

Stormtrooper Smart Trooper Print

49. Stormtrooper Smart Trooper Print

This is really the perfect piece for any bachelor pad. Created by Engram Clothing, the print sees a Star Wars Stormtrooper on his way to the office, looking dapper as hell. Printed on 40% cotton Art Paper, this handmade print is acid free, and has been buffered to ensure longevity. [Purchase]

Star Wars LEGO Death Star

50. Star Wars LEGO Death Star

As we previously stated, there are many different LEGO Star Wars collaboration sets, but there are none better than the LEGO Death Star. Comprised of 3,803 pieces, which includes 24 minifigures, you will have hours of fun assembling this masterpiece. [Purchase]

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