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The 25 Coolest Flasks of All Time

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May 12, 2016

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No man should ever leave home without his hip flask. While we love cracking open a cold one after a long day at the office, there are times when you need to sip on some of the hard stuff to help get you through the rest of the day. We’re not saying that alcohol solves problems, but we are saying that it can make them less stressful.

Originally made from pewter, silver, and even glass, most modern day flasks are constructed from a durable stainless steel (there are even plastic ones to help people sneak through metal detectors at sporting events and concerts). When it comes to choosing a cool flask though, it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the choices out there. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate hip flask buying guide. So when you need a sip (or swig) of your favorite whiskey on the go, we’ve got you covered with this list of the 25 coolest flasks ever made.

Carbon Fiber Flask by Macallan x Oakley (2)

1. Macallan x Oakley Carbon Fiber Flask

Macallan has long been our Scotch of choice, so when we found out the Scottish brand was teaming up with Oakley for a whiskey flask, we couldn’t wait to see what the two brands had in store. The end result is a high end, lightweight, ultra strong hip flask constructed from carbon fiber and aersopace-grade aluminum. This thing doesn’t come cheap though. Expect to spend around $900 to add this one to the collection. [Purchase]

Nintendo Cartridge Flask

2. Nintendo Cartridge Flask

While it’s not 100% available on the retail market (yet), we’re hoping Matt Cornell can raise enough money to make his Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask a reality. There are a  few different designs based on our favorite childhood NES video games including Super Bar-Hop Bros and Drunk Hunt. [Purchase]

Cigar Flask

3. Cigar Flask

Nothing goes better with whiskey than a nice cigar. Now you can kill 2 birds with one stone, making sure you always have both on hand. This stainless steel flask holds 4 ounces of booze and 2 cigars. [Purchase]

Old Glory American Flag Flask

4. Old Glory American Flag Flask

Paying homage to the greatest country ever, Old Glory is a 6 ounce flask that has been draped in the famous stars and stripes. [Purchase]

Ron Burgundy Flask

5. Ron Burgundy Flask

The greatest news anchor of all time gets his very own drinking flask. Have a sip of your favorite Scotchy Scotchy Scotch right from the infamous burgundy suit. With Anchorman 2 set to release this holiday season, we already know how we’ll be sneaking our booze into the theater. [Purchase]

Mustache Flask

6. Mustache Flask

Seeing that it’s Movember, we couldn’t possibly put together this comprehensive list without including a flask shaped like a mustache. Made from stainless steel, this crumb catcher flask is a great conversation starter. [Purchase]

Mini Keychain Flask

7. Mini Keychain Flask

While it doesn’t hold as much as most of the other hip flasks out there, it reigns supreme when it comes to portability and convenience. Holding 1 ounce of booze, this tiny little flask clips right onto your keychain for easy access. [Purchase]

Prescription Label Flask

8. Prescription Label Flask

Nothing cures sickness quite like Boozemin. Okay, so alcohol won’t cure your cold, but it might make you forget that you had one – also don’t take medical advice from us. Equipped with a hinged cap, and 7 ounce capacity, this is a great stocking stuffer for the whiskey lover in the family. [Purchase]

Sasquatch 128 Ounce Flask

9.  Sasquatch 128 Ounce Flask

While we’re not sure that this thing would provide any portability, it would let you sip on 128 ounces of your favorite spirit, and that’s a lot of booze. As you may have guessed from the name, this thing was made for the legendary Sasquatch. It could be great for sharing at a party. [Purchase]

R2-D2 Flask

10. R2-D2 Flask

Any product list that has the words “coolest” or “greatest” in the title has to have some type of Star Wars merchandise in it, and that’s exactly what we have here. This stainless steel flask has been wrapped with a high quality detailed vinyl that was designed to look like the iconic R2-D2 droid from our favorite movie franchise. [Purchase]

Jerry Can Flask

11. Jerry Can Flask

Shaped like a mini jerry can, this mirror finished, lightweight flask will help you stash 6 ounces of alcohol keeping you from ever running on empty. [Purchase]

Flask Tie

12. Flask Tie

Most work places won’t approve of hip flasks (or alcohol for that matter), but with the flask ite, they’ll never see it coming. What looks like a traditional tie to the untrained eye holds an awesome secret – a built-in 8-ounce flask. This thing is available in a slew of colors and patterns, with something for everyone. [Purchase]

Belt Buckle Flask

13. Belt Buckle Flask

Rather than stow that flask away in your pocket, why not just wear it on your belt buckle? While there are plenty of hip sleeves out there, this flask belt buckle attaches right to your belt, keeping it concealed at all times. The brushed finish sides add a nice touch to the otherwise polished look. [Purchase]

Shot Flask

14. Shot Flask

This is the world’s first of its kind, a 8 ounce flask with a built-in collapsible 2 ounce shot glass. Put down a few shots before a night on the town, or share shots with 4 of your friends. [Purchase]

Stanley Adventure Flask

15. Stanley Adventure Flask

When you’re headed on your next camping trip, don’t forget to throw this bad boy in the bag with all of the other gadgets you’ll be bringing along. Part of the brand’s Adventure Series, this flask is both rugged and sleek. It offers plenty of grip, integrated lanyard to ensure you never lose the cap, and the flask is completely leak proof, so no accidents. [Purchase]

This Way Up Flask

16. J. Crew This Way Up Flask

One of the most gentlemanly offerings on the list, this J. Crew stainless steel flask is wrapped in leather, and comes complete with drinking instructions. Bottoms up! [Purchase]

Blackboard Stainless Steel Flask

17. Blackboard Stainless Steel Flask

Stainless steel is most certainly the best choice for construction material (as can be seen from the majority of the flasks on this list), and this one is no different. While it is made from stainless steel, it has been finished off in a chalkboard material that lets you write messages and customize your drinking flask. [Purchase]

Disposable Flask

18. Disposable Flask

If you are looking for a one time deal (maybe a concert), this is the perfect option. While it is called the “Original Disposable Flask,” it is reusable. The flask is made from a BPA-free material that is flexible, collapsible, and even freezable. You’ve definitely got some options when it comes to this one. [Purchase]

Distressed Barn Wood Flask

19.  Distressed Barn Wood Flask

Disclaimer – these are not made from real wood. Bummer. They do look great though. The Tennessee based design team at Liquid Courage Flasks hand applies this faux distressed barn wood vinyl to the stainless steel flask. [Purchase]

Golf Travel Flask

20.  Golf Travel Flask

The golf course is one of the most popular places to sneak booze in (for young and old guys alike). This is the perfect set for any golfer that loves to take a few sips between tee offs. The flask slips right into an oil tanned leather case complete with belt loop, two snap-off brass marker, four golf tees, and a brass golf pitch fork. [Purchase]

Drinkman Flask

21. Drinkman Flask

We imagine this kind of defeats the purpose of carrying a concealed flask considering no one’s carried a walkman around in decades. Either way it’s still a pretty awesome concept for a liquor flask. [Purchase]

Leather Wallet Flask

22. Leather Wallet Flask

Now this is a solid option. This 2 ounce flask slides nicely into an Italian Leather wallet, and fits perfectly in your back pocket. The wallet is still less than an inch thick with the flask loaded (3/4″). Unfortunately this thing is a bit difficult to get your hands on these days. [Purchase]

Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask

23. Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask

This beautiful flask only carries 4 ounce of alcohol, but the nautical inspired theme and porthole revealing the liquor behind the window is easily one of the most well designed flasks on the list. The flask comes with a screw top that is guaranteed leak proof, and although it looks flashy, it’s still easy to clean. [Purchase]

The Great American Flask

24.  The Great American Flask

This is the end all be all for quality flasks. Crowned the world’s most beautiful flask, this copper constructed beauty is hand made by Jacob Bromwell right here in the United States. The skilled American workers that craft this flask use historic techniques dating all the way back to the 1800s. It even has available engraving. This could be the finest flask available in the world, but it doesn’t come cheap priced around $200. [Purchase]

Nintendo Gameboy Flask

25.  Nintendo Gameboy Flask

Designed to look just like the old school Nintendo Game Boys we all grew up playing, this nostalgic flask is a great choice for gamers. [Purchase]

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