The 20 Coolest Treehouse Hotels In The World

Jun 1, 2014

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It has been said that life is just one long journey back to the treehouse. That the treehouse is a return to childhood, a connection to our primal beginnings. With more and more resorts offering treetop accommodation, we’ve gathered together the 20 coolest treehouse hotels we could find. They’ll remind you of the treehouse your dad built. Though to be honest, they’re probably a bit nicer than the woodpile he bashed into a tree. These are more what you’d get if Martha Stewart and Tarzan spent the night in your toolshed. They’re the ultimate in tree-dwelling hedonism. Lavish, exotic, and styled with the arboreal Haute Couture of a French orangutan.

Birds Nest Sweden

Bird’s Nest, Sweden

The Bird’s Nest at Sweden’s Tree Hotel is one of ten treehouses at the resort. It’s like sleeping in the Cretaceous period. You wake thinking that you’ve been picked up and brought home by a pteranodon. Facilities here include a sauna, restaurant, bar and relaxation area. [Details]

Tsala Treetop Lodge

Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa

That you can expect to be blown away during your stay at Tsala is not the most encouraging review for a hotel in a tree. Located along South Africa’s Garden Route, the accommodations here are lavishly decorated and feature private decks, a fireplace, and a swimming pool. So far as we know, it’s the only place where you can dive out of a tree into a pool, and still be in the tree. [Details]

Ariau Amazon Towers Brazil

Ariau Amazon Towers, Brazil

Said to be the only resort built entirely among the treetops, some of Ariau Towers’ more notable visitors include Bill Gates, Prince Charles, and the great great grandson of Charles Darwin. Located above the Amazon river on the banks of the Rio Negro, Ariau Towers features rustic treetop accommodations connected by more than five miles of wooden walkways. [Details]

Tranquil Resort India

Tranquil Resort, India

Tranquilresort is treetop accommodation on a private coffee and spice plantation, and is pure treehouse fantasy. It’s like Robinson Crusoe won the lottery. Half an hour away is the Muthanga Game Sanctuary, where if you’re lucky, you might spot the venerable tiger. [Details]

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Four Seasons, Costa Rica

The treehouse at Four Seasons Costa Rica is an unsettling experience. You’re in a tree, yet you’re spending $1825 a night. And that’s only because you didn’t choose the 3 bedroom suite at $2575 a night. For a paltry $625, you can get a massage and sea salt foot soak at the spa and sauna. [Details]

Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort China 1

Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort, China

On the island of Hainan in the South China Sea, there are four treehouses available to rent. The Big Beach in The Sky Treehouse is built in a Tamarind tree and is accessible only by a rope and plank suspension bridge. For an all-out guy weekend, The Hawaiian Hale Hotel Treehouse accommodates up to twenty people in seven separate spaces over three levels  [Details}

Hautefort Treehouse France

Hautefort Treehouse, France

Hautefort is modeled after a traditional French Chateau, and is one of three treehouse accommodations to choose from at Chateaux Des Arbres. Aptly enough, it looks like a castle in the trees. Located in the Dordogne region of France, there’s a chef on hand if you want, as well as a hot tub and swimming pool, neither of which, we’re disappointed to report, are in the tree. [Details]

Winvian Treehouse Connecticut

Winvian Treehouse, Connecticut

Aside from the full bar and jacuzzi, the Treehouse at Winvian looks to have been built from childhood fantasies. Couples can enjoy the Sweetheart Escape, a two-night package that includes champagne, massage, and a romantic dinner. For those consumed less with each other and more by the whereabouts of their next meal, there’s the Ultimate Gourmet Experience, a food-themed package. [Details]

Tongabezi Zambia

Tongabezi, Zambia

If you already live in paradise, welcome home. Deep in Zambia lies Tongabezi, situated among the branches of an ebony tree on the banks of the Zambezi river. Listen closely and you’ll hear the thunder of Victoria Falls. Up around the next bend is Livingston Island, from where Livingston is said to have first seen the Falls. [Details]

Chewton Glen England

Chewton Glen, England

To say Chewton Glen is a treehouse is like calling the space shuttle a bike. It’s got connecting suites for Pete’s sake. Your dad’s treehouse barely had a connecting floor. More luxurious than Nicole Kidman’s hair, Chewton is Swiss Family Robinson after an Oprah makeover. You can detox in the trees at Chewton, though it’s not called a detox. It’s a tretox. You don’t even go up a gang plank here, you experience the sensation of leaving land. Well of course you do. [Details]

Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa Australia

Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa, Australia

Did your dad’s treehouse have a door? How about a jacuzzi? The rainforest bayan at Daintree Lodge has both. Daintree brims with superlatives. At 135 million years old, it’s the world’s oldest living rainforest. Outside your bedroom window are the Aborigine natives, the oldest living race on earth. 35 minutes away is Port Douglas, doorway to the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef, and the only living thing visible from space. Welcome to Australia, biggest island on earth, before it became a continent. [Details]

Free Spirit Spheres Canada

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Located among the trees of Vancouver Island’s rainforest, each of the three circular treehouses are suspended by ropes, and designed to sway with the movement of the trees. It’s Hobbiton on helium. All the spheres have girls’ names, so whether you brought a date or not, you’ll still spend the night inside a woman. [Details]

Parrot Nest Lodge Belize

Parrot Nest Lodge, Belize

Parrot Nest Lodge is a dip into the tropics. A thatched roof treehouse, the giant Guanacaste or Elephant Ear Tree, and the crystal waters of the Mopan river. You’ll be among a riot of wildlife including the giant iguana, who also sleeps in trees and has a fondness for paisley bed covers. You’ll enjoy medicine trails and jungle walks, and a lot of parrots. [Details]

Bagthorpe Treehouse England

Bagthorpe Treehouse, England

It’s like Bagthorpe Hall’s half-brother. Younger, a bit rough around the edges, but a lot more fun to hang out with. You’ll find him beneath the Holm oak, nicely insulated for year-round stays, and with a copper bathtub big enough for two. You can be Robin Hood, she can be your Maid Marion. [Details]

Finca Bellavista Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

A residential treehouse community in a relatively untouched part of the Costa Rican rainforest, with some of the treehouses available for rent. For those who really want to get away from urban living, this is the place. You’ll be among indigenous people in a rainforest ecosystem helping to promote the preservation of environment and species. Parks, beaches, and mountains are all close by. [Details]

Chole Mjini Tanzania

Chole Mjini, Tanzania

Chole is a tropical island south of Zanzibar, just off the Tanzanian coast. If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in a baobab tree, this is your moment. If we could pick just one of the treehouse resorts shown here, this would be the one. Chole Mjini has seven treehouses to choose from, and each one has been built, quite literally, by hand. No power tools. It is a testament to vision and belief, the purpose of a dream. [Details]

Bangkok Treehouse Thailand

Bangkok Treehouse, Thailand

The Bangkok Treehouse is minimalist living among the treetops. Said to have been inspired by Walden, it’s like someone shimmied up a tree and threw some beds down. We’re all for the simple life, but walls and a ceiling might be a nice touch. It gets so basic that at some point there’s just two beds on a river. No, we’re not even kidding. It’s like the aftermath of a tornado. Not recommended for someone who gets up in the night to use the bathroom. [Details]

Aqua Wellness Resort Nicaragua

Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

Tell someone you’re living in a tree in Nicaragua and they might start to feel sorry for you. Just don’t mention the Pacific views or the plunge pool. You might also want to forget about the lava stone pathways that wander easily among the ginger plants and banana groves. And while you’re at it, better not say anything about the slate shower or the white sand beach. Or the Serta perfect sleeper that lulls you to sleep.[Details]

Costa Rica Treehouse Costa Rica

Costa Rica Treehouse, Costa Rica

This ten-acre Pacific Ocean property in Punta Uva Beach offers a six-night Adventure Package that includes a jaguar rescue. For the more apathetic there’s the Relaxing Package. Both include an iguana conservation tour with optional massage, though it’s not clear if it’s you or the iguana who gets the massage. [Details]

Cedar Creek Grist Mill

Cedar Creek, Washington State

A bed and breakfast cottage just outside Rainer National Park. Nothing too unusual, except you’re fifty feet up in a giant cedar, one whose trunk pushes up through the floor and disappears out the ceiling. Access to the lodge is by the five-storey stairway. Fantastic rope bridges high in the trees take you to the observatory and the Floating Treehouse. [Details]

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