The 17 Greatest Sriracha Hot Sauce Food Recipes

Dec 4, 2019

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Made up of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt, Sriracha hot sauce could be the most delicious condiment known to man. Named after the coastal city of Si Racha in Thailand, this spicy sauce is great on literally everything (as you’ll soon find out). Over the past year or so, we’ve undertaken the difficult task of trying hundreds of Srircha infused food recipes across the web, and have decided to compile a list of our 17 favorites for your tasting pleasure. Check out the 17 greatest Sriracha sauce food recipes below.

Sriracha Brown Sugar Barbecue Baked Chicken Wings

1. Sriracha & Brown Sugar Barbecue Baked Chicken Wings

It only seemed right to kick this list off with one for the meat lovers out there. The chicken wings are nothing more than regular old chicken wings. The real magic lies in the sweet, smoky, spicy sauce that covers the meat. [View Recipe]

Cheddar Sriracha Swirl Bread

2. Cheddar Sriracha Swirl Bread

Great with both a sandwich and by itself, this loaf of bread blends tasty cheddar with the hot sauce we all love. While the bread has a bit of kick to it, it’s not too spicy, and it tastes amazing. Perfect after school snack for the kids. [View Recipe]

Spicy Sriracha Maple Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Recipe

3.  Spicy Sriracha & Maple Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Recipe

Somebody pinch me now. This creation takes two of the greatest creations on Earth (bacon and Sriracha sauce), and bundles them into one amazing recipe. This succulent shrimp has been wrapped in bacon, and covered in a maple syrup and sriracha sauce that is both sweet and spicy. [View Recipe]

Sriracha Marinara with Meatballs

4. Sriracha Marinara with Meatballs

Who doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs? Although we had never thought of it before, it makes perfect sense to squeeze some Sriracha right into the tomato sauce, adding some much appreciated spiciness to the mix. The sauce is vinegary, garlicky, sweet, and of course spicy. [View Recipe]

Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream

5. Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream

So you thought you couldn’t squeeze some Srircha into your dessert? Think again. Definitely created for the true Sriracha fanatics out there, this is perfect for the summer season. Although there are some workarounds for people without ice cream makers, it’s recommended that you pick one up for the best results. [View Recipe]

Sriracha and SPAM Fried Rice

6. Sriracha and SPAM Fried Rice

Admittedly this was the first time we had ever purchased SPAM (at least since we were kids), and we didn’t regret it one bit. This concoction calls for rice, sweet corn kernels and eggs, all of which cover the tasty SPAM cubes. [View Recipe]

Baked Salmon Sriracha Sushi Roll

7. Baked Salmon Sriracha Sushi Roll

We’re not going to lie- making sushi at home is a bit difficult (for amateur chefs like ourselves at least), and takes some practice. The practice will pay off with this recipe though, which has been described as a “recipe within a recipe” due to the layers of complexity. Make sure you also opt for the freshest ingredients, as that can make all the difference when it comes to sushi. [View Recipe]

Peanut Butter Sriracha Cookies

8. Peanut Butter Sriracha Cookies

Seeing that peanut butter cookies are our favorite flavor, we were a bit biased when tasting this treat. The Sriracha provides the ultimate after taste, keeping your tongue sizzling with that spicy goodness for a few minutes after consumption. The peanut butter/hot sauce combination is heaven on Earth. [View Recipe]

Sriracha Ranch Chicken Burgers

9. Sriracha Ranch Chicken Burgers

This is the absolute best recipe for the summer season. You will already be cooking up plenty of burgers on the grill, so why not add some Sriracha sauce as well? Even if you’re not obsessed with the sauce the same way we are, you are sure to love this one. [View Recipe]

Sriracha Basil Popcorn

10. Sriracha Basil Popcorn

We’ve said it before. Sriracha makes everything better, even movie nights. Add a bit of butter, a touch of zesty lime juice, and you’ve got a recipe for the best popcorn out there. [View Recipe]

Whisky-Sriracha Candy

11.  Whisky-Sriracha Candy

We didn’t need any words of encouragement to delve into this deliciousness. We love whisky, we love Sriracha. What more do we need to say? [View Recipe]

Sriracha-Hoisin Glazed Ribs

12.  Sriracha-Hoisin Glazed Ribs

The NFL season is right around the corner, and there’s nothing better than enjoying a nice set of ribs while watching your favorite team work their way to the Super Bowl.  Just when you thought ribs couldn’t get any tastier. [View Recipe]

Sriracha Mexican Lime Donuts

13. Sriracha & Mexican Lime Donuts

Being obsessed with donuts since our childhood days, we weren’t the least bit skeptical about how this one would turn out. Described as the perfect marriage of savory and sweet, these donuts are a great way to jump start your work day. [View Recipe]

Roasted Red Pepper Sriracha Hummus

14. Roasted Red Pepper & Sriracha Hummus

Hummus is great for house parties. While it may be easier to head on over to the local grocery store to pick some up, you won’t regret taking the time to prepare this recipe. Incredibly smooth and creamy, the mixture of honey, garlic and red bell pepper is magical. [View Recipe]

Sriracha Veggie-Cheese Balls and Sauce

15. Sriracha Veggie-Cheese Balls and Sauce

More of an appetizer than an entree, these are the perfect way to gear up for one of the main courses listed above. These baked cheese balls are perfect for the Thai cuisine fans out there. [View Recipes]

Hot Dogs with Sriracha and Asian Slaw

16. Hot Dogs with Sriracha and Asian Slaw

Typically we’re not huge fans of slaw, but with all the hot dogs we’ve been grilling up this summer, we figured this one was worth a shot. Surprisingly this was one of the best hot dogs we have ever tasted, and the spicy red sauce certainly didn’t hurt. [View Recipe]

Sriracha Sauce Ice Cream Sandwiches

17. Sriracha Sauce Ice Cream Sandwiches

We saved the best for last. We’ve tried a ton of ice creams treats over the years, but nothing has compared to these. This was the first Sriracha dessert we tasted, and while we had our doubts before trying it, this opened us up to the world of Srircha sauce desserts. We haven’t looked back since. [View Recipe]

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