The 15 Best Castle Hotels In The World

Jun 13, 2014

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With hotels continually trying to outdo each other to get us to book with them, service and amenities are getting nicer all the time. This is good. We like choice and we
like to be pampered. Up to a point. Even so, unless your hotel happens to have
a shark tank you can slide through, you pretty much know what you’ll be getting
when you check in. So if you’re thinking it’s time for something different, why
not try a castle hotel on your next vacation? It’s like living in the Middle Ages
with a couple extra pillows, and without the beheadings. While most of the castles are in Europe – they’re up to their neck in them over there – America is not without a few of its own. We found one that dates all the way back to last Tuesday. If you didn’t know vacationing in a castle was even possible, here are 15 of the best castle hotels we could find.

Eastnor Castle England 1

Eastnor Castle, England

Built between 1810 and 1824, construction costs for Eastnor Castle came in part from the family ownership of the Cocks Biddulph Bank, which is now Barclays. The castle is old English luxury on 5000 acres, and a prime venue for weddings, parties, conferences and events, and family vacations. It also makes for great a film location. [Details]

Roch Castle Wales 1

Roch Castle, Wales

In Pembrokeshire on the west coast of Wales lies the 12th Century Norman castle of Roch. The place has been fixed up since it was first built, and is less prone to draughts and invasions. We like Roch because with enough people you can maneagably rent out the whole of the six-bedroom castle and have the run of the place with friends and family. It takes Hide and Seek to whole new levels. [Details]

Ashford Castle Ireland 1

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Movie buffs will go for this one. John Wayne’s The Quiet Man made a lot of noise here in 1951 when it was filmed in this area of County Mayo. Many of the actors stayed at Ashford. During the 1800s, the 13th century castle became the property of Benjamin Lee Guiness. Yes, that’s the same Mr. Guinness whose beer you keep drinking. As the saying goes, “Brew a beer, buy a castle.” [Details]

Castle Hotel and Spa New York 1

Castle Hotel and Spa, New York

Overlooking the mighty Hudson River, with only around a hundred years of history the Castle Hotel is not exactly medieval. But it’s really comfy. The kind of castle the Normans couldn’t even dream about. Not a lot of massage therapy back then. Here there are wood-burning fireplaces, a range of spa treatments, and the award-winning Equus restaurant. [Details]

Springfield Castle Ireland 1

Springfield Castle, Ireland

Located in County Limerick in the south west of Ireland, Springfield is the ancestral home of Lord and Lady Muskerry. It’s been in the family for 700 years. The estate is on 200 acres and can accommodate up to 24 people. The rooms and suites are located in both the Castle and the East Tower. [Details]

Chateau Chamborigaud France 1

Chateau Chamborigaud, France

The Chateau at Chamborigaud in the South of France has been described as being built in the Disney style. This shows remarkable foresight on the part of the architect, since it’s been there since 1575. Let’s hope he bought company stock, too. The chateau sits on five acres and is home to wild boar, chestnuts, and mushrooms. [Details]

Ackergill Tower Scotland 1

Ackergill Tower, Scotland

If the edge of the world exists, this is it. This 15th century castle is about as far north as you can go in Scotland without getting your feet wet, and gives you the opportunity to explore a rugged, unspoiled part of the world. Located right on the water, you can book either an individual room, or take the whole castle for yourself. In addition to the wild landscape, there are three miles of sandy beach. Bit cold in the winter, but if you’re hardy enough, a unique experience. [Details]

Castle Liebenstein Germany 1

Castle Liebenstein, Germany

This 13th century castle has a prime location above the Rhine River. A history of two brothers feuding over their inheritance has allowed another castle – Castle Sterrenberg – to be built right next door. Together, the two castles are known as The Hostile Brothers. They are located close to Loreley Rock, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. [Details]

Lismore Castle Ireland 1

Lismore Castle, Ireland

The Gothic Lismore was built in 1185 and is located in the south east of Ireland, near Waterford. It reads like a Who’s Who of dead celebrities. Everyone seems to have lived here at one time or another. It was once owned by Sir Walter Raleigh. In 1932 Adele Astaire married then owner Charles Cavendish. Adele’s brother was none other than Fred, who visited often for summer gatherings. The Kennedys are also connected, and JFK is known to have visited. In 1944 Kathleen Kennedy married Lord William Cavendish, who was heir to the castle. Once you’ve had contact with a Kennedy your odds are never going to be good and William dutifully kicked the bucket four months later. Kathleen popped off four years after that. [Details]

Pousada de Obidos Portugal 1

Pousada de Obidos, Portugal

One of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, this 12th century castle is currently waiting to be classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. All the rooms at the castle have been named after the kings and queens of Portugal who have stayed in the town. [Details]

Ravenwood Castle Ohio 1

Ravenwood Castle, Ohio

Designed in the style of the 12 century castles of England, Ravenwood was actually built in the 90s. In case you’re thinking it’s Victorian, we mean the 1990s, which makes it more Clintonian in style. If you like the idea of a trip to England but can’t face the thought of all that flying, Ravenwood might be a good alternative. It’s imbued with English charm and style, which is code for boiled cabbage and The Sex Pistols. [Details]

Hostal de San Marcos Spain 1

Hostal de San Marcos, Spain

For something a little more elaborate, the Hostal de San Marcos does get your attention. It was built in the 16th century and financed by King Ferdinand. Located in Northern Spain on the outskirts of Leon, before it became a hotel it was also used as a monastery and a hospital. [Details]

Auchen Castle Scotland 1

Auchen Castle, Scotland

The 13th century must have had a sale on castles. Here’s another from that time, this one set in the heart of Robert Burns country. Known as the Jewel of the Scottish Borders, plenty of famous people have stayed here, including Robert The Bruce and The Beatles. The castle has 26 bedrooms, many with views over the lake and surrounding gardens. [Details]

Chateau DOuchy Switzerland 1

Chateau D’Ouchy, Switzerland

Dating from the 12th century, the chateau is elegant Swiss accommodation on the banks of Lake Geneva. The Alps are close by so there’s hiking, fishing, or just standing around dumbstruck by your surroundings. [Details]

Schlosshotel Igls Austria 1

Schlosshotel Igls, Austria

If you’re a skier, you’ll love the location. Five kilometers from Innsbruck in the Tyrolean Mountains. The village of Igls has hosted the Winter Olympics three times, and there are many prime ski resorts in the area. Rising up from Igls at 7,000 feet is Patscherkofel, where a 22 year old Franz Klammer won his Olympic gold medal. [Details]

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