TG-5 Hinged Ring by McWhinney Designs

When people look for unique and special rings, they tend to look at material, design, or for what stone sits atop the ring itself. Rarely do people actually try and find something that in a really basic way changes the way a ring functions. McWhiney Designs Active Wedding Rings, however, have managed to do just that with their sleek and unique TG-5 series ring.

Made out of 6Al 4V aircraft grade titanium with 17-4 hardened stainless steel fasteners, this precision machined ring seamlessly snaps open and closed with a simple pinch and pull. It’s an ideal pick for the guy who wants to wear a metal ring but is active enough that he’s constantly needing to remove it, or a machining enthusiast who has a true appreciation of meticulously built objects. Each ring is available for $1,225. Watch how each one is made in the video below. [Purchase]