Texas Brand Ground Coffee

Texas has always had a penchant for self-mythologizing. If the denizens of the state had it their way, they’d have us believing they were all 10 feet tall, stronger than a dozen steer, and more handsome than anyone who has ever graced the cover of a glossy magazine. While that isn’t literally the case, the events of the past week have shown us that Texans meet their own high standards at least in terms of spirit. Maybe it is the open sky, the never-ending land, or possibly there is something in the water. Something like Texas Brand Coffee.

While this coffee hails from Texas, it is really a global affair. The certified organic and fair-trade beans are grown in Chiapas, Mexico by a series of family farms, and then shipped to Big Bend Coffee Roaster. That small team located in Marfa, Texas then takes the coffee green, roasts it, grinds it, and bottles it. Each of those containers are made from aluminum in France, and fitted with custom pewter labels here in the states. Each bottle only holds half a pound of ground coffee – but unlike the coffee, the bottles can be enjoyed more than just once.

Purchase: $18