Tetrahedron Super Yacht

At first glance, this yacht looks like it could be a one-off concept, but the boat design is actually part of a thoroughly thought out project by Jonathan Schwinge, a U.K. based designer. His idea, given life in these renderings by EYELEVEL design, is futuristic, otherworldly, and most surprisingly – feasible.

In collaboration with Marcel Müler, INMAINCO, and The Maritime Applied Physics Corporation, Schwinge has re-imagined the form of the yacht by applying the technology of side-mounted adjustable foils. This Tetrahedron concept sits on top of a vertical strut that attaches to a submerged torpedo hull. At slower speeds the Tetrahedron sits lower on the underbelly hulls – giving the impression of a spaceship floating on top of water, but when it moves quickly it looks as if it’s levitating. The concept would have a fly-by light system similar to that in the aviation industry – so the ship could adjust for roll, pitch, and heave forces while maintaining its foil bourne speed. Some may call this concept a pipe dream, but we’ll be rooting from the sidelines.

Tetrahedron Foiling Super Yacht 1

Tetrahedron Foiling Super Yacht 2

Tetrahedron Foiling Super Yacht 3