Teslasuit Haptic VR Smart Apparel

In case you haven’t read it (or seen the movie version), Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One envisions a world where virtual reality is the norm and some people spend their whole lives living in a gaming world thanks to a combination of a VR rig and haptic feedback suits that let you feel the games. And now, we’re one step closer to that becoming a reality thanks to the Teslasuit.

Unveiled at CES, the Teslasuit is being called “the world’s first fully integrated smart clothing apparel,” offering a wide array of developer and gaming-focused technologies built right in. That includes haptic feedback — vibrating sensor pads that can detect when a player is hit in-game, effectively letting players feel the experience — motion capture sensors (for realistic character development), biometric feedback (to track users’ physical response), and even climate control (to keep users cool during extended sessions). Once it’s out of the development stages, the Teslasuit could change the world of video games as we know it — making for perhaps the most technologically advanced total-immersion experiences ever imagined.

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