Tesla T1 Concept Vehicle

All Images: Omar Alfarra Zendah

Built out as a conceptual competitor for the 2030 24 Hours of Le Mans, this Tesla T1 concept is the brainchild of designer Omar Alfarra Zendah along with a group of five transportation design students at IED Barcelona for the Michelin Design Challenge 2017. And while it may be awhile before we even begin witnessing releases of the 2030 race, this rendering certainly gives us hope for what the future may hold.

The concept consists of free-standing wheels along with an independent air suction turbine in each of the four wheels. This process pulls the air through ducts and into the fifth turbine in the rear generating a massive amount of power; all renewable. The T1 also rides atop Michelin tires and could potentially boast an output of 1000Kw (equivalent to roughly 1,340 HP), 1770 lb-ft or torque, and weigh only 900 Kg. Also, thanks to its Dynamic Axis System, the ride’s front and rear axis can turn independently resulting in a shortened wheelbase and more agility on the track.

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