Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Solar panels are not new. Far from it. They’ve been bandied about as an alternative source of electricity for both homes and buildings for a while now – but only in the last decade have they really become a cost-effective choice. Yet even as the technology has improved – one problem has stubbornly continued to stand in the way. Solar panels aren’t very appealing. They make your house look like a spaceship. Or at least they did before Tesla announced the Solar Roof.

Now, thanks to the trailblazing energy and automotive company, you can cover your roof in tiles that look totally normal – but conceal efficient solar cells under a film and tempered class. Thanks to a variety of different choices from the company – Tuscan glass tile, Slate Glass, Textured Glass, or Smooth – you can easily find a tile that complements your homes look. Prices are yet to be announced but according to Tesla, they’ll be cheaper than traditional solar panels. [Purchase]