This Is What Tesla’s All-Electric Pickup Truck Might Look Like

Rumors about Tesla’s impending entry into the pickup truck space have been around for what feels like years now. Yet, sadly, Elon Musk’s all-electric car company has yet to unveil so much as a glance at their plans. Tired of waiting, digital artist Emre Husmen took matters into his own hands — rendering this concept based on Tesla’s current design language.

Even if it weren’t branded with the company’s signature spiked logo, it would be clear that this is meant to be a Tesla — and that’s a very good thing. With smooth curves highlighted by futuristic accents and panels, this burly 4×4 could easily have just rolled off the brand’s Fremont factory floor. And the crew cab is a nice addition we’d definitely hope to see in the real version — whenever we do get a look at it. It’s hard to say whether Tesla will take heed of Husmen’s design suggestions (as Musk is a happy trend-bucker), but we’re definitely of the mindset that he’s onto something pretty spectacular.

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