Tesla Olympus Max Hypercar Concept

From the release of their first vehicle, Elon Musk’s Tesla all-electric car brand has been ramping up their offerings — each one more spectacular than the last. And with the 2nd generation Roadster set to be one of the fastest cars ever built, it stands to wonder: what comes next? Digital designer Jeroen Claus seems to think it might look something like this Tesla Olympus Max hypercar concept.

Mashing together Tesla’s design language with that of Aston Martin’s mind-boggling Valkyrie, this magnificent creation looks like a performance vehicle built for the likes of Zeus himself. From its sleek, carbon fiber body to its aggressive styling and wide-and-low stance, this bad boy is primed to go lightspeed. Pair that with doors that open like the wings of a pegasus and a tech-forward interior cabin, and the Olympus Max is most definitely a chariot fit for the gods. And while there’s no performance information, we’re pretty sure it’s safe to assume the horsepower figure would end up somewhere well-above the 1k mark. Hopefully, the folks at Tesla will see this and take some notes.

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