Ares Design Turns The Tesla Model S Into A Sporty Convertible

The Tesla Model S has always been a sharp-looking car, but as a four-door sedan, the EV’s cool factor was admittedly limited. Italian coachbuilder Ares Design has solved this issue by turning the quick family car into a two-door drop-top, and the result is a Tesla Model S convertible that could compete with the best open-air luxury sports cars coming out of Germany.

To create this privately-commissioned Tesla Model S convertible, Ares removed the roof, the two rear doors, and the B-pillars of the car. They then installed longer front doors, a retractable fabric roof, and a specially-engineered new trunk with room to stow the roof cleanly out of sight. Those changes would already be impressive enough, but Ares went the extra mile by redesigning just about everything else on the car. They added a carbon fiber aero kit to ramp up the sporty appearance, they reinforced the chassis to retain the now-roofless car’s structural integrity, and they completely redesigned the interior with custom-made rear seats and hand-stitched ice-white leather throughout. It all adds up to a Tesla Model S that finally has the looks to match its speed.

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