Tesla Dog Mode

Feb 19, 2019

Category: Tech

Especially in the hotter months of the year, it can be extremely dangerous to leave your dog in the car — even for just a minute or two. And it’s a good way to get your window smashed or have the cops called on you if any good samaritans think your four-legged-friend is in distress. Tesla, however, has just rolled out an answer to both those problems with their new Dog Mode software update.

Presently available for the Model 3, Dog Mode is accessible by a simple push of the button on the center-mounted touchscreen display. Activate it and — while you run into a store, your house, or wherever else — it will automatically set the climate control to a comfortable internal temperature for the duration of your absence. It also displays the temperature in big enough text that passers-by can see it and know that your dog is safe and comfortable. And if your battery dips below 20%, a push notification will be sent to your phone so you can get back to your car quickly. While we still think you shouldn’t leave your dog in a car unattended, this is a big step forward in making that a lot less irresponsible.

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