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This Redesigned Concept Is The Cybertruck Tesla Should Be Building

Elon Musk caused a huge commotion with the reveal of Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck, and ever since, the industry’s most lauded designers, renderers, and creators have been trying their hand at outlandish adaptations of the vehicle. One of its most adored artists, Khyzyl Saleem, has finally put his lot in the ring with this trophy-truck-inspired project.

As with many of Saleem’s projects, his awe-inspiring Cybertruck doesn’t disregard the most notable aspects of the original. Instead, it embraces them, calling upon the platform’s angular bodywork, sharp lines, and immediately-recognizable architecture to complement his own rounded additions. As a result, the Cybertruck’s contrasting linework provides a striking illustration of what it might be like to pilot a trophy platform of the future, amplified all-the-more by his use of cyber-inspired lighting, neon effects, and a lowered, street-scraping chassis that blurs the lines between stance and structure. But don’t worry, if you’re the “desert warrior” type, he’s also outfitted the redesigned Cybertruck with some monstrous off-road wheels, tires, and an enhanced suspension system, for good measure. Head to Khyzyl’s Artstation to see the vehicle in all its glory.

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