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Tesla’s Futuristic Cybertruck Looks Right At Home As A 6×6 Lunar Overlander

Since the release of Tesla’s Cybertruck in late 2019, the angular neo-futuristic pickup has been imaged — and in some cases even built — as a plethora of different specialty and service vehicles, from police trucks to campers to stealth military patrol vehicles. But the latest transformation bestowed upon the electric pickup takes things in a decidedly new direction, with conceptual design firm Charlie Automotive repurposing the Cybertruck as a moon-going lunar rover.

Called the “CYBER6,” the concept maintains the original vehicle’s basic profile and silhouette while adding a third axle, slit LED lighting throughout supplemented by a matching slit-style light bar, what appears to be carbon fiber wheel arches and bumpers, and a number of externally-attached canisters and other miscellaneous pieces of gear. Adorned in a matte grey paint scheme decorated with NASA and SpaceX logos, the rover rides on three sets of wheels that feature tires comprised of belted strips of pill-shaped objects, and its bed has been completely redesigned in order to accommodate a bevy of supplies and mission equipment, including multiple antennae and a satellite dish, resulting in something of a lunar overlander. To see more of the project, you can check out Charlie Automotive’s Instagram page linked below.

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