This Angular Camper Concept Is The Perfect Addition To Tesla’s Cybertruck

Photo: Reddit

Since Tesla pulled the cover off of its Cybertruck back in late 2019, the idiosyncratic electric pickup has gone on to inspire a host of other neo-futuristic designs, both conceptual and real, and ranging from everything from architecture to smartphones. And the latest render to draw influence from the angular pickup not only borrows the Cybertruck’s design language but literally builds on it.

Appropriately christened the “Cyber Camper,” the rendered design consists of a camper-style shell that occupies the bed of the pickup and pokes out in front above the windshield, all while boasting the same obtuse triangular profile as the wildly-unique torque-laden truck. The Cyber Camper has been designed in two versions: a slightly-smaller single-occupant version dubbed the “Solo;” and a larger dual-person variant called the “Duo.” While both versions sport the same silhouettes — aside from the very front coming to a sharp point on the Solo while the Duo’s fore-end has a wedge-shaped nose — the larger version is equipped with additional windows towards the front and has wider, wedge-shaped sides that protrude out over the sides of the bed, providing more cabin space.

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