Terrain365’s First-Ever Slipjoint Knife Is Rustproof & Lined With Titanium

Of all the popular EDC utensils the pocket knife has been a staple, and even the simplest examples prove to be essential tools for completing a variety of tasks. Drawing on over 350 years of proven design, Terrain365 draws on the historic Barlow pattern of slipjoint pocket knife for the newest release, The Otter.

Opting for the traditional spear tip for this classic silhouette, Terrain 365 crafts the 3” blade from their proprietary dendritic cobalt super-alloy material Terravantium, which provides superior edge-holding qualities and a 100% rust proof finish, allowing the Otter to perform well in dry or wet conditions. Skewing away from tradition is the Titanium bail and liners, giving a modern touch to the historic knife platform, and 316 stainless steel hardware to decrease flex at the pivot. The teardrop-shaped scales are available in Titanium, Carbon Fiber, or colored G10 options, so you can be sure to find a finish that fits your style.

Purchase: $267+