Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha Fixed Blade

When venturing into the wilderness, there are dozens of reasons you should bring a fixed blade knife with you. That goes double if your adventures take you below the surface of the ocean. But not all knives are built to handle the harshness of saltwater — which is why Terrain 365 built their Nautilus Alpha.

The whole rig centers on a beefy 4.375″ Terravantium blade that’s so corrosion-resistant, the brand guarantees that it is impervious to rust in all natural environments — even underwater. That blade is mounted to a 3D-contoured, powder-coated, textured epoxy handle that’s comfortable and grippy even when wet. And the whole thing measures up at 8.5″ but weighs a manageable 7.7 ounces. Complete with a Kydex sheath, this USA-made diving fixed blade will set you back $345, but it will last a lifetime.

Purchase: $345