TerraDrop Off-Road Camper Trailer

As our industrialized world continues to grow at an expanding rate, off-the-grid camping is slowing becoming an increasingly difficult task. From here, we’re constantly pushing the limits of off-road camping, trekking deeper and deeper into the backcountry. Luckily, the TerraDrop Teardrop trailer offers the necessary means get you there in style.

Built by Oregon Trail’R, each TerraDrop is customizable depending on its intended use, however, all versions feature additional headroom and storage space compared to previous models. Interested parties though can opt for add-ons such as a cabinetry package, custom doors, a digital audio amp upgrade, a propane stove, or heavy-duty knobby tires for increased off-road functionality among many others. Average weight comes in around 1100 pounds and the body size measures 5ft wide by 4ft tall by 8ft long. Truck it into the wilderness for some serious car camping, or simply bring it to the lake for the weekend. The TerraDrop is adaptable and prepared to take on any adventure. Prices start at $13,500. [Purchase]

Oregon Trail'R Terradrop 4jpg

Oregon Trail'R Terradrop 5