Tepui Baja Mesh Kukenam 3 Rooftop Tent

One of the most difficult parts of a camping trip is packing. Getting everything neatly and tightly consolidated, so that loading and unloading at the site is a breeze, is for many, the brunt of the hard work. Tepui’s Baja Mesh Kukenam 3 Car Tents allows campers to circumvent the difficulty of trying to cram the tent in the trunk.

The Baja Kukenam 3 is part of Tepui’s Baja Series, featuring Tepui’s lightest, most versatile tents. The Kukenam utilizes Tepui’s proprietary Zipper Gimp technology, which allows the camper to interchange canopies with ease, based on the environment in which they’re camping. The tent comes with a no-see-um mesh shade canopy for hot and humid climates, an ultralite nylon rip-stop canopy with water resistant coating for a slightly colder, wetter environment, and a rugged aluminized for the most inclement conditions. These tents have sleeping room for three, and there are large windows to take the view on the side of the tent. Stay prepared for anything with this car camping tent and its modular interchangeable canopies.

Purchase: $1,275