Tentsile Universe 3-In-1 Outdoor Shelter

When it comes to contemporary outdoor gear, versatility seems to be the name of the game. Now brands are making extremely versatile items that function brilliantly in a number of different circumstances – like convertible duffel backpacks, comprehensive multi-tools, and more. And now it seems like Tentsile wants to apply that same ethos to outdoor shelters with their Tentsile Universe.

Now, many of Tentsile’s offerings are already pretty versatile – crossing the line between hammocks and on-ground camping tents. But this one takes it a step further. Built from the same high-tech tensioned, firm fabrics that make their prior offerings so durable and long-lasting, this one also has a third function: it can float. So, not only can you enjoy relaxing under its UV-resistant, rain- and insect-proof interior on land or in the air, but you can also take it out on the water like a stand-up paddle board. What’s even cooler is that, while the padded PVC drop stitch floor helps keep the whole thing afloat, it also collapses down for easy storage once you’re ready to head back to the city. It will sell for $1,999.

Purchase: $1,999